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Dr. Dilshada wani

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Mission & Purpose

On behalf of the entire Govt Nursing College Baramulla fraternity, we are delighted to welcome you to our Institute. Our commitment is to endow the students with innovative, in-depth and high-level learning, develop their moral values, and empower them with skills and attributes of an ingenious problem solver and critical thinker. We prepare our students to confidently face the challenges of the highly competitive world and career progression, and also nurture them to become responsible human beings who are able to effectively deliver the needs of a developing nation. Govt Nursing College Baramulla, has a highly qualified, committed and talented teaching faculty who facilitate the students to keep abreast with academic challenges and developments. Our teaching-learning methods encourage inter-disciplinary approaches through innovation projects, conferences, seminars, talks and workshops. Experiential learning techniques are used for an effective implementation of the curriculum. The institute strongly believes that co-curricular activities complement academics for shaping a well-rounded personality of the students. The College ensures friendly, supportive and safe environment through various measures that make the Campus a zero-tolerance-campus for ragging, and smoking. The institute has also initiated many steps for the benefit and support of differently-abled students. The education of college rests on the basis theory of relationship as propounded by Florence Nightingale, the first nurse theorist, which particularly focus on humanity, impartiality and compassion. these principles involve preventing and alleviating human suffering, protecting life and health, and protecting respect for human dignity. Local and global perspectives are integrated into all courses of education and students have the opportunity to gain hands-on practical knowledge which keeps them at par with the pragmatic world. Historically, we rest on a strong tradition, although today the nursing education is not so tradition-driven but stands for change and flexibility. development takes place in step with time and with constant creativity. Nursing is one of the most honourable and respectable profession in modern health care. But is also one of the most challenging. Yes, it’s not easy being a good nurse. To be a great Nurse, you must not only have to be very well qualified professionally but also nave the right positive attitude. There is a ample opportunity for you to grow and to be an independent individual. Today, there is tremendous demand for quality nursing not only in India but in all across the world. Become a Nurse and extend your services in the development of Healthy Nation "Wishing you a bright future, God bless You.



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