New Diagnostic Milestone Achieved at Govt Medical College Baramulla & Associated Hospital; Fifteen (15) New investigations added to the Central Diagnostic Lab.

Wed January 04, 2023

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In an astounding and yet another achievement at the very start of this new year, the Govt Medical College Baramulla & Associated Hospital, under the active guidance of the Worthy Principal, Prof(Dr) Ruby Reshi has started range of new advanced fifteen(15) diagnostic investigations at the Central Diagnostic Lab of the Institution. The phase second of testing and investigations of the Lab were inaugurated today by the Worthy Principal, Prof(Dr) Ruby Reshi in presence of Medical Superintendent, Dr. Parvez Ahmad Masoodi, HOD Medicine Dr. Nisar Ahmad Khan, Faculty In Charge Central Diagnostic Laboratory and other technical staff members. The new investigation includes Gamma GT, Lipase, Micro albumin, G6PD, CK-NAC, Phosphorous, Magnesium, LDL-C (measured), Iron profile (Iron, Ferritin, Transferrin, UIBC), Adenosine Deaminase (ADA), Urinary Protein and CSF protein. These tests will be free of cost for 2 days. As per faculty in charge Central Diagnostic Laboratory, Dr. Mosin Saleem Khan, these tests will enormously help in the diagnosis and management of liver diseases, chronic kidney disease, infectious diseases, haemolytic disorders etc. Worthy Principal assured that though due to some structural constraints, which soon shall be overcome, third(3rd) phase of diagnostics and examinations shall be started which will equip the institution to go for immuno essays, tumor markers and profiling and cytogenetics, the ideal services of a tertiary care Institution. Principal further added that these tests shall prove a relief and boon for the patients and shall be operated on No Profit and No Loss Model. In the end, Worthy Principal praised the tireless efforts of the technical staff involved and advised them to continue the services with honesty, dedication and hard work. Inputs: Department of Biochemistry Edit, story, report: Media and Creative Cell GMC Baramulla

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